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Our style is bold and vibrant, narrative and documentary. Many moments of life are defined; we seek those that aren't, curating the in-between pieces that meld together to create your story. We capture what will enhance your memories 30 years from now in defining black-and-white and color images, We'll transport you back to your moment with clarity,  reliving the joy, the serendipity of it all. Our hands-off approach allows each organic moment to unfold. As an observer of people, posing is secondary allowing the authentic moments to take the lead.   



narrative. authentic.



L + J

We're Len and Judy. A husband-wife team who fell in love with the power of photography years ago. we believe Images move people to tears or laughter, create bucket lists, freeze time. frames jolt the heart and the mind into remembering moments and people that have long ago, taken their place in yesteryear. we are storytellers who breathe life into images,  documenting history that might go unwritten. We are your storyteller. 


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We started the year in one direction.
It's March and we're going back to basics. 

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Seeing Southern Photography is everything that a bride and groom could want in a wedding photographer and much more. When I thought about my wedding day, even as a child, I knew that I wanted photographers who could capture the special moments of this extraordinary journey to becoming husband wife. From the very second I met Judy and Len, I knew they were it! Judy and Len are two of the most lovely, genuine, and caring people we have ever met and I couldn't be more thankful for the generosity they have shown us. We are beyond pleased with how beautifully our pictures turned out! From surprises on your door step, to the most fantastic photos you've ever seen- Seeing Southern Photography does not disappoint. 

We knew
they were it!"

"From the very first second,

Elizabeth + Matthew
Monroe, Ga.

Len & Judy and Seeing Southern Photography are simply THE BEST! They were the engagement and wedding photographers for our son and daughter-in-law. Their photographs are spectacular. Every photo looks like it came out of a high class magazine. Somehow Judy & Len are able to capture the element of the moment with every click of their camera. They know just the angle to capture every moment. Somehow, they were even able to get my son to smile. On a personal note, they are very pleasant to be around. Judy and Len are personable with a great sense of humor. I strongly recommend Seeing Southern Photography for all of your events. We hope to use them again in the future!

the best!"


Sandy Coonley | Mother of the groom
Leah + Aaron
Atlanta, Ga

I am still trying to find the words to thank you for everything. Love y'all and let's make a date soon.

to amaze

"Y'all never cease

Billy + Tracy
athens, ga

We LOVED having your document a very special moment for our daughter to see later when she starts asking questions about her adoption. The moments you captured were just perfect, exactly what I’d hoped for. I still tear up every time I look through the photos! Judy and Len took a lot of care before our photo shoot to make sure they documented what we wanted and asked a lot of questions to understand our family dynamics. By having both of them there, we were able to get photos from two angles and two perspectives, which was wonderful. They were in the background most of the time, but made sure the posed photos were what we needed before our time together ended. And, they even interacted with all the kids! We had a fun time and are so glad we had Judy and Len to help us document a very special family day.


"The moments you captured

Jared + Betsy + Libby
A day in the life

I knew that it was how I wanted my family documented. Twice Judy and Len have come into our home to document the everyday moments with my family. To say that we've been pleased with the final product of photos would be an understatement. Not only was the photograph quality of the highest professional standards, but the emotions that were captured in the photographs take me back to that very moment every time I look at them. Judy and Len unobtrusively came into our home and it never once felt uncomfortable while they were "working their magic." I highly recommend the Day in the Life photography for anyone wanting photographs of their family that are unique, emotional, and sure to be forever treasured. our time together ended. And, they even interacted with all the kids! We had a fun time and are so glad we had Judy and Len to help us document a very special family day.

take me back
  to that moment"

"Emotions captured 

The Consuegras
A day in the life

II loved that you did an engagement session with us - you quickly picked up on how we interact as a couple and learned a few great way to photograph us that reflected us and not some generic stock pose. I think it is great that you got to know us and our story during this time. I believe gaining this understanding allowed you to better capture us on our wedding day  . . .  I loved all of my reception photos because they truly captured the event - the laughs, the crazy dance moves, the lawn games, and even the Popsicles! I loved working with Seeing Southern and I would definitely recommend them to family and friends. 


"Easy to work with,

Suzanne + Will
Marietta, Ga

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